The Rooms

Every room benefits of private ensuite made in Tadelakt (Moroccan Calx Coating)

Each room has its own charm and represents a different region of the world.

The colours were chosen so the rooms correspond to the 7 colours of the rainbow and the 7 chakras

All rooms are ventilated and equipped with air conditioning

Rates are per night and include breakfast

 GuestLow season*Hight season*Carnaval
Chambre Indienne2 pers180 R$220 R$450 R$
Chambre Asiatique2 pers190 R$230 R$470 R$
3 pers210 R$240 R$490 R$
Chambre Amazonnienne1 pers210 R$250 R$490 R$
2 pers220 R$270 R$510 R$
3 pers240 R$290 R$550 R$
4 pers270 R$320 R$5800 R$
Chambre Marocaine2 pers220 R$270 R$510 R$
3 pers240 R$290 R$550 R$
4 pers280 R$340 R$580 R$
5 pers300 R$340 R$610 R$
Chambre Tahitienne1 pers160 R$180 R$280 R$
2 pers170 R$210 R$320 R$
Chambre Mexicaine2 pers140 R$160 R$280 R$
Chambre Africaine1 pers190 R$220 R$420 R$
2 pers210 R$260 R$450 R$
3 pers230 R$280 R$490 R$

* Hight season

07/01/2017  to  03/31/2017  (Excluding Carnival period)

12/18/2017   to 08/31/2017

​* Carnaval 2018 :  02/08/2018  to 02/14/2018​

*Low season

01/04/2017 to 06/30/2017
09/01/2017 to 12/15/201
04/01/2018 to 06/30/2018


For any inquiries or reservations send us a message or call us.


Pousada Esmeralda
Rua do Baluarte, 29
Santo Antonio, Salvador (Bahia)
BA, 40301-385
Tel : +55 71 3323-0839
Whatsapp : +55 71 98873 4836